About Us

       The Family Fundamental Church is an Independent Baptist style church that will challenge you in your walk with Christ, your knowledge of God's Word and Spirit-filled, victorious living. 

      Our pastor, Gerald Krahn, has been serving since before our first service in 1993. Pastor Krahn has a firm commitment that each believer should be grounded in God's principles. You can expect solid, practical, Bible-based instruction in every service that will help you to grow stronger in your daily life.
      All ages will enjoy fellowshipping with us and parents and their children will enjoy the family-integrated Sunday School program we have. We strive to build up the family while the world seeks to pull it down. We have Bible studies and other opportunities to dig deeper into the Word of God.

      We sing the good old gospel songs and hymns, use the trustworthy King James Bible, and believe every word and teaching of Scripture is truth for today. A few might call us "old fashioned", but some things, like the beloved gospel story, Biblical morals and values, and timeless principles for a successful family just cannot be improved upon.

     Most important of all, we seek to share the gospel message of salvation with those in our church, our area, and around the world.